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Local Music & Culture:

Featured Artists:

Title      Artist      Genre
Electric Hoe Down       Nat King Tron       Eclectic
My Name Is Tron       Nat King Tron       Eclectic
Tied       Bruce Torres       Acoustic Rock
CityGirl       Bruce Torres       Acoustic Rock
Canción Que Nace En Mi       Tribal Scream       Latin Rock
Te Podria Pasar A Ti       Tribal Scream       Latin Rock
Obey       T.P.D.       Indie Pop
Something Delicious       Stellarscope       Indie Rock
Cryogenic Sleep       Stellarscope       Indie Rock
Insomnia       Psylichon       Electronic
Broken Open       Psylichon       Acoustic Rock
Medicine       Jimbo       Punk

Philly Music & Nightlife:

 • Taylor Swift's film crew apologizes over New Zealand bird row
    A representative for Taylor Swift's music video crew has apologized after they were accused of disturbing endangered birds during a shoot in New Zealand. >> read more or comment

 • Vince Staples on a roll comes to Union Transfer
    With the July release of his double-disc debut album Summertime '06 and a gig as opener on A$AP Rocky's September tour rapper Vince Staples has emerged as a contender for hip-hop royalty. His plainspoken lyrics and cool flow give his work a stark finality that often turns to the funereal on tunes such as "Blue Suede" in which "young graves get the bouquets." The protagonist sings "Hope I outlive those red roses." He plays Union Transfer on Wednesday. >> read more or comment

 • Sideshow: Rowling: Why Harry Potter name his kid after Dumbledore's killer
    Rowling: Snape capable of love Oh that snidely Severus Snape! He was a backstabbing evildoer who killed Albus Dumbledore! >> read more or comment

 • Adele leads a female wave of change in pop culture
    Charli XCX the English singer who's written big hits for fellow female pop acts such as Australian rapper Iggy Azalea and Swedish duo Icona Pop is the star of a new BBC documentary called The F-Word and Me. >> read more or comment

 • 18 Christmas performances to fill your holiday season
    We're approaching the holiday entertainment scene this year with a little more Philly attytood. So: Whaddya want for Christmas? Something cold something hot something traditional something not? >> read more or comment

 • With presidential seal of approval Low Cut Connie rocks District N9NE
    When the rock-and-roll band Low Cut Connie played the Philadelphia Folk Festival in August the group was interviewed onstage for WXPN-FM's syndicated radio show World Cafe. >> read more or comment

 • Santigold releases ‘Who Be Lovin’ Me’ video with ILoveMakonnen filmed at Made in America
    Philadelphia-bred Santi White best known as Santigold is finally making her long-awaited comeback with a new album due out Jan. 22. >> read more or comment

 • Sideshow: Jared Fogle's divorce is final
    Badu: Alien from outer space I mean she says so herself!Erykah Badu 44 who grew up in Dallas as Erica Abi Wright has revealed shocking secrets in a chat with Us Weekly. >> read more or comment

 • Dan DeLuca's picks: Erykah Badu David Bowie Denise Mina and more
    Erykah Badu "Phone Down." Texas R&B priestess delivers spare and hypnotic rap-singing in which she boasts of having the ultimate power in this digital day and age: "I can make you put your phone down." From her But You Caint Use My Phone mixtape. >> read more or comment

 • Coming pop shows: WDAS Holiday Jam with Jill Scott George Clinton & Funkadelic and Elle King
    WDAS Holiday Jam The folks at WDAS-FM (105.3) "Philly's Best R&B & Old School" station have looked at the weather forecast this week and seen that things need warming up. As Thanksgiving comes stomping toward us the impulse to get into the ho >> read more or comment

Philadelphia City Paper - Music Picks:


 • So Long and Thanks for All the Fish
    So Long and Thanks for All the Fish Just days before Live 8 in late June of 2005 the inimitable John Carroll Phillyist's first editor let the world know that Phillyist was live and online. Now five years six months three days and nearly 13000 posts later it is my official duty to provide one last post for Phillyist. [ more › ]

 >> read more or comment

 • Thanks for Four Years of Awesome
    Thanks for Four Years of Awesome It was a (presumably) cold November day in 2006 when I made my humble debut on Phillyist with a post called Elevating My Frustration. It was about elevator etiquette. I've come a long way since then. I featured interesting Twitter users and hope some of them will follow us into the future at @keypulp. I wrote not one but two posts on the mysterious Toynbee tiles. The local sleuths who spent years investigating them were the subject of a Sundance-winning documentary called Ressurect Dead: The Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles. [ more › ]

 >> read more or comment

 • Photoist
    Photoist Snowventure along the Wissahickon Photographed by: Julia Rowe Wissahickon Creek [ more › ]

 >> read more or comment

 • Blogged Around Philly: Farewell Edition
    Blogged Around Philly: Farewell Edition Who needs an RSS feed when you have us? The best from this week in the 215 blogosphere... [ more › ]

 >> read more or comment

 • Photoist
    Photoist [ more › ]

 >> read more or comment

 • Good Advice From a Bad Person
    In which our Bad Person *tear* says goodbye. [ more › ]

 >> read more or comment

 • Photoist
    Photoist [ more › ]

 >> read more or comment

 • A Little Friendly Advice For Our South Philly Neighbors
    A Little Friendly Advice For Our South Philly Neighbors As we make our way to work in the aftermath of yet another winter storm with no running buses many of us will be digging out cars and braving the treacherous streets of Philadelphia. Later upon returning home from work far too many people will be faced with the reality that some a-hole stole their perfectly sculpted parking space during the day forcing them to park presumably near the Sports Complex. [ more › ]

 >> read more or comment

 • ArtIST: Mami Kato
    ArtIST: Mami Kato As this is Phillyist's last ArtIST post we're pleased to be ending the series with artist Mami Kato. A Japanese citizen Kato was born and raised in Japan before coming to Philadelphia to attend the Philadelphia College of Art (now the University of the Arts) on a transfer program. After moving back to Japan for a spell she relocated to Philadelphia permanently eighteen years ago. For more insight into the career of this artIST keep reading. [ more › ]

 >> read more or comment

 • This Week In Philadelphia Theatre
    This Week In Philadelphia Theatre Love Lessons From Abu Ghraid a one woman show that opens at Interact this week looks pretty compelling. [ more › ]

 >> read more or comment

 • Photoist
    Photoist Capogiro Photographed by: cheshire smile eats (and drinks) Center City [ more › ]

 >> read more or comment

 • The 2011 State of the Union
    The 2011 State of the Union Under normal circumstances we here at Phillyist post a video each day that in some way pertains to Philadelphia or its surrounding area. Since all that's really going on today is snow snow freezing rain and more snow we're going to go national instead and share last night's State of the Union address in its entirety in case you missed it or wish to argue with your computer monitor a little more. Whether you're Democrat Republican Independent or a Teabagger take a look. Even if you don't agree with what's being said it's important for you to have an understanding of the political atmosphere in this country right now if only so that you can go complain to Twitter about it later. [ more › ]

 >> read more or comment

 • Introducing ... KeyPulp!
    Introducing ... KeyPulp! As we teased on Twitter yesterday and revealed to Technically Philly this morning January 31 is not the last you'll be seeing of the Phillyist editors and staff. True Phillyist won't be updated after 5:00 p.m. next Monday but as that song we got stuck in your heads last week goes: "every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end." [ more › ]

 >> read more or comment

 • Phillyist Reads... Eleanor Brown at Chester County Book & Music Company
    Phillyist Reads... Eleanor Brown at Chester County Book & Music Company Shakespeare fiends this one's for you! [ more › ]

 >> read more or comment

 • En Garde!
    En Garde! This past Saturday Penn hosted the Philadelphia Invitational a season-opening men's and women's fencing event that saw fencing squads from schools such as Duke and UNC don their plastrons and knickers and do sabered battle in University City. Penn's men's team ranked seventh nationally was totally dominant. They went a perfect 6–0 on the day only coming close to defeat against Duke. Here's a quick video recap with an interview with Penn junior Vidur Kapur. Errol Flynn ain't got shit on these bucklers of swash. [ more › ]

 >> read more or comment

 • Yo Philly In the News
    Yo Philly In the News Local student gets to sit next to Michelle Obama local community group wins a grant from the Dept. of Education and more in this morning's news! [ more › ]

 >> read more or comment

 • Phillyist Playlist: Evan Dando and Juliana Hatfield at World Cafe Live
    Phillyist Playlist: Evan Dando and Juliana Hatfield at World Cafe Live What better cure for the Monday blues than a little alt-rock fantasy soap opera of sorts at the World Cafe Live? Tonight we have Evan Dando [MySpace] and Juliana Hatfield [MySpace] two former poster children of the grunge movement with a lot of history together. Both from Boston Hatfield and Dando have gone through various iterations of living together rumored knocking boots (Hatfield says she belongs to "a distinguished though probably small group of girls who can claim the distinction of having said no to going all the way with Evan Dando ... I lost my virginity to Spike Jonze") breaking hearts and making music over the last twenty-five years. They recently reunited for two shows in New York City which then inspired a small fall tour through the East Coast that continues into University City tonight. [ more › ]

 >> read more or comment

 • Photoist
    Photoist Icing Photographed by: Jana Shea Philadelphia [ more › ]

 >> read more or comment

 • Philly Loves Beer: Last Call
    Philly Loves Beer: Last Call As the saying goes all good things must come to an end and this is unfortunately one of those times. While Phillyist has another week this will be the last Philly Loves Beer as I will be in the land of Abita and too much High Life when that happens. So this will be goodbye and as I am horrible at these kind of things I will leave you with other places you can turn to when you need beer info brewing drinking or otherwise. [ more › ]

 >> read more or comment

 • Frugal Fun Alert: Jan. 24 – 27 2011
    Frugal Fun Alert: Jan. 24 – 27 2011 Fun around town for $10 or less: [ more › ]

 >> read more or comment

Current Exhibitions at the Philadelphia Museum of Art:

 • The Wrath of the Gods: Masterpieces by Rubens Michelangelo and Titian
    September 12 2015 - December 6 2015: The Wrath of the Gods focuses on Peter Paul Rubens’s masterpiece Prometheus Bound a singular vision of pain torment and creative struggle. This unprecedented exhibition places the work—one of the most important and beloved in the Museum’s collection—in conversation with paintings drawings and prints that inspired it. Highlights include Michelangelo’s Tityus perhaps the artist’s most famous drawing and Titian’s Tityus the largest nonreligious painting on canvas of the Renaissance. The Wrath of the Gods brings together these and other pivotal works offering a fresh opportunity to delve into the creative process of one of art history’s most important figures.http://www.philamuseum.org/exhibitions/821.html >> read more or comment

 • Audubon to Warhol: The Art of American Still Life
    October 27 2015 - January 10 2016: The first survey of American still life in three decades this exhibition offers 130 oil paintings watercolors and works in other media representing the finest accomplishments in the genre. Featuring masterpieces by John James Audubon the Peale family William Michael Harnett Georgia O’Keeffe Andy Warhol and others this exhibition explores American still life from its beginnings in the late 1700s to the Pop Art era of the 1960s.http://www.philamuseum.org/exhibitions/818.html >> read more or comment

 • AMOR by Robert Indiana
    September 22 2015 - January 29 2016: To honor Pope Francis on the occasion of his visit to the United States the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Association for Public Art are pleased to present Robert Indiana’s monumental sculpture AMOR (1998) on the Museum’s East Terrace. The colorful six-foot-high sculpture overlooks the Benjamin Franklin Parkway site of the public papal mass that culminated the World Meeting of Families 2015 the world’s largest Catholic gathering of families.http://www.philamuseum.org/exhibitions/833.html >> read more or comment

 • Multitude Solitude: The Photographs of Dave Heath
    September 19 2015 - February 21 2016: From a crowd gathered in Central Park to solitary figures lost in thought Dave Heath’s images conjure feelings of alienation and a desire for human connection. Multitude Solitude highlights the photographer’s black-and-white pictures of the 1950s and 1960s an intense period of self-discovery and innovation for the artist. During these pivotal years Heath developed groundbreaking approaches to narrative and image sequence producing exquisite individual prints handmade book maquettes his poetic masterwork A Dialogue with Solitude and multimedia slide presentations. His sensitive explorations of loss pain love and hope reveal Heath to be one of the most original photographers of those decades.http://www.philamuseum.org/exhibitions/829.html >> read more or comment

 • Cy Twombly: Sculptures
    September 24 2013 - February 2016: Taking cues from the Dada movement and from the work of Swiss sculptor Alberto Giacometti Cy Twombly (American 1928– 2011) created poetic objects whose serene white surfaces and allusive forms seem to recall remote worlds of myth and the ancient past. After reaching an indisputable maturity in his early sculpture created from 1946 to 1959 Twombly returned to working in three dimensions in the mid-1970s and continued to cast new works up until his passing in 2011.http://www.philamuseum.org/exhibitions/797.html >> read more or comment

 • Art of the Zo: Textiles from Myanmar India and Bangladesh
    November 11 2015 - March 20 2016: This exhibition offers a look at beautiful woven textiles of the Zo people of Myanmar India and Bangladesh. It spotlights traditional weavings worn for daily life and ceremonial occasions such as weddings funerals and feasts of merit. Patterns techniques and local variations are closely examined revealing the extraordinary beauty and craftsmanship of these distinctive creations.http://www.philamuseum.org/exhibitions/832.html >> read more or comment

 • Work on What You Love: Bruce Mau Rethinking Design
    November 21 2015 - April 3 2016: Bruce Mau is internationally recognized for his achievements in design including visual identities brand systems books packaging and exhibition graphics. His most recent work applies design tools and concepts to environmental social economic and political problems. This exhibition offers examples of Mau’s innovative solutions for clients like Coca-Cola the country of Guatemala and Biomuseo in Panama City presenting a portrait of a tireless designer at the vanguard of the field’s search for solutions to global concerns.http://www.philamuseum.org/exhibitions/830.html >> read more or comment

 • Notations/Joseph Marioni: Paintings 2000–2015
    November 14 2015 - May 22 2016: Selected by artist Joseph Marioni the paintings in this installation represent a focused survey of his work. At first appearing monochromatic Marioni’s canvases produce color sensations that shift with changes in light and viewpoint. In fact each work features several distinct layers of acrylic paint of contrasting colors and intensities. Through unhurried contemplation we can gain a deeper understanding that color is not a fixed entity but rather subject to fluctuations of light and our own perception.http://www.philamuseum.org/exhibitions/835.html >> read more or comment

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